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Brick by Brick, Bond by Bond

Pethkar Projects

Only a family knows what a family wants!

Homes are made not only with bricks, clay and sand. The concrete planning and execution with love and affection are also needed and we know exactly how to inculcate those in our homes. Since 1996, Pethkar family is building pillars and roofs for many loving families. Formerly known as 'Pethkar & Company', Pethkar Projects is the leading promoter, builder and developer in the real estate market.

Mr Chandrakant Pethkar and Mrs Kumudini Pethkar have been standing pillar-firmly behind the Pethkar Projects from the very beginning. Their sons Sachin, Abhijit and Jitendra have been acting as the rock-walls of the business carrying the responsibilities sincerely on their strong shoulders. The firm modestly carries the kind blessings of Late Shri Rao Saheb Mehendale & Late Smt Taisaheb Mehendale.

Pethkar Projects, a partnership firm, offers building, developing and promoting the real estates. We are acknowledged for our enormous residential projects. Moreover, our quality work has been reflected in the forms of educational institutions and hospitals as well. Our authenticity and transparency in every project open the windows to our customers’ hearts. We endeavour to reciprocate the bond within our family in our projects and give them a personal touch.

Values & Beliefs

A firm believer of the dictum ‘Each home is auspicious’, we endeavour to fulfil the aspiration of our customers to own their dream home which has resulted in sheer client satisfaction. It is our constant endeavour to listen to customer’s needs & wishes & fulfil them by applying innovative concept to our forthcoming schemes.

We believe and value Ethics, Transparency and Trust at work and during our projects too. Trust is not something you can catch at a single glace. The ethical minds have led the work culture towards transparency which clearly reflects in our projects. Transparency in our every project has scored us the trust of our customers.

We believe to deliver 'one project at a time' and as a result, 'possession at committed date' has been our USP over the years. It allows us to dedicate ourselves to the project and handle any issue meticulously.

We add no hidden cost in any of our services and our cost sheets are available on the website. We have availed our customers the 'one-click access' to all these documents. The login facility not only saves the massive efforts of handling and maintaining paperwork, but it also offers utter convenience to flat owners. It also saves us a lot of papers and hence trees. Like our projects, our processes are also proved to be environment-friendly.

We follow the Maintenance Mechanism under which every complaint and query is well-attended and dissolved with best solutions leaving no room for the further inconvenience.

Innovations are the ones we experiment on. GI Sub-frames, our unique invention we implement in our every project, are durable and shock-resistant. Ideal homes require supreme foundation which is built here with such innovations and exceptional materials.

We, Pethkar Projects are a firm firmly standing by and with our beliefs, values, standards and offerings. With our stand, we don’t just build a home, we enrich its esteem.

Work Culture & Ethics

Construction is an ever-growing process and most of our staff members have grown the work culture ethically from more than a decade. Every process here is systematic and every system follows an organized hierarchy. Our every project possesses the unique merits which are attained by the continuous experimentation. It provides us with a room to storey up the class of our services and satisfies our customers beyond their expectations.

Our every department works interdependently yet flawless and friendly. The thought process for providing comfortable & safety environment is reflected not only for customers but to the working staff also.